Model Files Suit Against, Men Who Allegedly Drugged and Raped Her

This past August, Emerson Callum and Lavont Flanders Jr., a former Miami Beach police officer, were arrested for allegedly luring women to a warehouse under the pretense they were setting up modeling auditions. They then drugged the women, police said, and Callum would rape them while Flanders videotaped the assault. The videotapes would then be sold online as pornography.

Now one of the victims of the alleged scheme has filed suit against the men and is giving her side of the story.

The anonymous model claims that in 2007, one of the men contacted her through and arranged for her to come to Miami for a modeling audition.

"They would look for girls who wanted to be models. They would contact them fraudulently, pretending they were women in some cases, and get these women interested in doing auditions," attorney Jeffrey Herman tells WSVN. "Then, what they would do, and it was very similar for all these women, is they would bring them into Miami for an audition. They would give them alcohol as part of their audition, laced with a concoction including Xanax."

The woman claimed she was told to drink numerous shots. After that, the next thing she remembered was being dropped off at her uncle's house.

Months later, the woman was asked by her legitimate modeling agent why she hadn't informed the agency she had appeared in pornography. Only after watching the video online for the first time did she realize she had been raped.

Callum and Flander's criminal trail is set to begin in November.

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Kyle Munzenrieder