Missy Elliott Sold Her Aventura Condo (Yes, the One From MTV Cribs)

Back in the day MTV Cribs was the finest showcase of outrageous celebrity home interior design, but few places could touch Missy Elliott's Aventura condo in the "I can't tell if that's awesome as hell or totally tacky" category. She had a chair with fish tanks for arm rests, Lamborghini furniture, a "MISSY!" waterfall statue that fed into a koi pond, submarine-style bedroom doors, and the pièce de résistance: a king-size bed in the shape of a Ferrari with a plasma TV under the hood and sneaker rack in the trunk.

Yeah, well, she sold it earlier this year and the new owner got rid of all of that.

Yes, let us relive that glorious episode, because, yes, pretty much everything was still intact in the listing photos. That's the fountain up above, and here's the fish-tank chair (without fish).

The waterfall mirror feature:

The bathroom:

The Ferrari bed was not captured in the listing photos, but here's an old photo:

Elliot bought the apartment in 2002 and showed it off for MTV before even staying a night in the place.

According to Gossip Extra, the 4,500-square-foot condominium sold for $1.45 million in February to realtor Joel Matus.

"Everything was a little out-dated so she left it," Matus told the site. "But I had to throw everything out."

What? That stuff belongs in a museum. Oh well. Apparently Missy herself never spent much time there. Matus said that the condition of the place seemed like it was hardly ever lived in. He's putting $300,000 into the place to put back up walls Elliot had knocked down, and is restoring a bathroom Missy had turned into a sneaker closet.

Elliott meanwhile mostly spends time in her home state of Virginia. She's disappeared from the radio airwaves in recent years as she battled Graves' disease. Though, she's popped up on tracks and remixes in the past few years by M.I.A., Fantasia, and Katy Perry and is said to be working on a new album.

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