Miami's Worst Drivers, As Seen Through Dash Cam Footage

About a year ago, 21-year-old Oscar Yglesias began filming a cop after his mom was pulled over in traffic. The officer was not a fan of the camera. According to Yglesias, the cop threatened to ticket them for cutting him off.

"It was actually the opposite. He cut us off," Yglesias says. "Ever since then, I was like, 'I need to get a dash cam.'"

But while the dash cam footage has been useful to Yglesias for settling at least one car accident dispute, it's also helped him capture the comedy of errors that is simply trying to maneuver your damn car through Miami.

"For whatever reason, Miami seems to have very aggressive drivers," Yglesias says. "You just don't know what's going to happen or what the other person is going to do."

Over the past year, Yglesias compiled snippets of the scariest moments he'd experienced behind the wheel — the best of the worst, if you will. He set them to Pitbull's "Welcome to Miami" and pieced together the highlights: a school bus nearly rear-ending a car, a driver making a left turn from the right lane, a city bus completely cutting him off.

They're all ordinary bits of awful driving that most Miamians are used to — but seeing them all compiled with a soundtrack hammers home just how ridiculously bad driving in the 305 can be.

"I think it's cool to show all the infractions on the road," Yglesias says.

Right before hanging up with New Times, Yglesias remembers a final point he needs to make.

"One more thing: People need to start using their turn signals," he says. "Nobody in this city seems to know what the turn signals are for."

Here are seven other contenders deserving of the honored title of Worst Drivers in Miami: 

Worst Turnpike exit attempt:

Worst left turn from the right lane:

Worst right turn from the left lane (starts at 0:55):

Worst use of a roundabout (starts at 1:22):

Worst red-light runner (starts at 0:13):

Worst red-light runner (runnerup):

Worst example of making your own lane:

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Jessica Lipscomb is the former news editor of Miami New Times.