MLB Approves Miami Marlins Sale to Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman

If you've been saving a particularly nice bottle of bubbly for the day when Jeffrey Loria's fat, greedy face finally leaves Miami baseball fans to suffer in peace, it's time to pop the cork. Major League Baseball's owners have unanimously approved the sale of the team to a group led by investor Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter.

MLB has confirmed the owners signed off on the $1.2 billion sale, which will make Loria extremely rich thanks in large part to the hundreds of millions he siphoned from taxpayers for his routinely deserted baseball stadium in Little Havana.

"I wish the best to Jeffrey Loria and David Samson,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a sentiment certainly not shared by Miamians. "I congratulate Mr. Sherman on receiving approval from the Major League Clubs as the new control person of the Marlins and look forward to Mr. Jeter’s ownership and CEO role following his extraordinary career as a player."

Sherman, for the unfamiliar, is a Naples-based investor, notable in part for making a huge bet on newspaper stocks just before the industry imploded and — probably unfairly — taking a lot of heat for cratering journalism. He also bought a $70 million yacht one time.

Jeter had a career with the Yankees with which you might be familiar. He'll own only 4 percent of the Marlins — Sherman will have 46 percent — but Jeter will be the front-office face of the operation.

There's already some concern that Jeter plans to slash and burn payroll as soon as he arrives. Even Giancarlo Stanton could be on the trading block.

But fans will cross that bridge later. Today the only fact that matters is that neither Jeter nor Sherman is Jeffrey Loria. Please enjoy your champagne and join us in a resounding chorus of "Bye, Felicia."

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