The Miami Heat's Summer League Kicks Off Tomorrow

These two guys won't play Summer League ball this season.
These two guys won't play Summer League ball this season. Photo by Michael Reaves / Getty
In the NBA, there really is no true offseason—just a few days in the middle of the summer when official games are scheduled, then, a flurry of draft news, free agency, and finally, Summer League games before the NBA is right back at it.

For the Miami Heat, the final stage of their offseason takes place this week with the beginning of their Summer League schedule in Sacramento.

Miami will participate in two different Summer League locations: Sacramento and Las Vegas. This Tuesday night the Heat debut in Sacramento with a game against the Los Angeles Lakers, then on Sunday, they'll debut a team out in Vegas.

The full schedule can be found below:
Summer League's normally a time where a mix of drafted rookies, second-year players, and journeymen get a lot of playing time. The Heat have had a lot of success in turning undrafted players into NBA commodities, most recently, Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson, both guys who are about to make millions this offseason in free agency just a few years after the Heat plucked them off the streets.

Below is the Heat's Summer League roster:
Of these players, Precious, KZ, Vincent, and Max Strus are most likely to be with the big team come the regular season. It's entirely possible one or two more players on the Heat's summer team, or someone else's, also join that group, as Miami only has five players currently under contract and could be making some big moves in the coming months.

Brady Hawk of Five Reasons Sports broke down in great detail what some of the newest members of the Heat's Summer League team bring to the table, and what might make them more, or less, likely to make the team.
So, there you have it. The Miami Heat are back. Sort of. Kinda. We'll take it! 
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