Miami Has the Fifth Most Engaged Employees in the Nation

Apparently, Miamians really love their jobs. Quantum Workplace, a company that sells employee engagement software, has been keeping track of the employee-engagement level of the nation's 75 largest cities for the past few years, and Miami keeps making the top ten. In fact, the Miami-Dade market is only one of three that has continuously made the top ten for three years running. 

So what exactly is employee "engagement"? It's a rough measure of how likely employees are to speak highly of their place of employment, how strongly they feel about remaining at their company and advancing their career, and how likely they are to do extra work and go above and beyond. Employees who are less than engaged are considering merely "contributing," "disengaged," or downright "hostile." 

This year, Miami-Dade came in fifth, with 71.5 percent of employees considered to be engaged. That's only behind Nashville, Sacramento, Huntsville, and Washington, DC. 

However, the rate is down from last year, when Miami-Dade was second on the list with an employee-engagement rating of 74.7 percent. 

Quantum reports, though, that employee engagement is down overall across the nation and has hits it lowest point in eight years. The analysis, which surveyed 440,000 employees at 5,500 companies, found that overall engagement is 65.9 percent nationwide, down from 68 percent last year. In fact, 75 percent of the cities that were part of the survey saw their engagement levels fall. 

Quantum says higher engagement levels correlate with higher sales, higher productivity, and higher retention. Of course, the analysis is based on measures that Quantum sells software to track, so keep that in mind. But it's interesting that Miamians continue doing so well on the survey. 

Maybe those of us with decent jobs are just happy to have them. Maybe it's because Miami is a city full of people who like to hustle. Maybe it's because we don't want to tell some survey our real business.
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Kyle Munzenrieder