Don't Shoot Your Gun Into the Air to Celebrate Fourth of July, Idiots
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Don't Shoot Your Gun Into the Air to Celebrate Fourth of July, Idiots

We've been doing this for 20 straight years, Miami — you'd think by now we'd have gotten it into our heads that shooting a gun into the air to celebrate big holidays is a very poor life choice. But apparently, this is still a problem large enough that Miami-Dade officials have to gather in a park with big posters of Pitbull to reinforce the message.

So here's your annual reminder for good measure: Don't celebrate your overwhelming patriotism this Fourth of July by shooting your gun.

This morning, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson joined police and community leaders in Jefferson Reaves Sr. Park to remind the public of a lesson learned in elementary science: "When a bullet goes up, it always has to come down."

As part of the Pitbull-sponsored "One Bullet Kills the Party" campaign — now in its 20th year in Miami-Dade — local officials proudly stood behind a large poster of the rapper's famous raised eyebrow overlooking two American staples: a bullet and fireworks.

It's not like Miamians should need a reminder of what happens when guns are fired in public. In 2017 alone, Miami-Dade has had 46 shooting-related deaths. And in the past decade, several innocent bystanders and tourists have been hit by falling bullets fired off in celebration of major holidays.

At today's news conference, Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez urged a general amnesty on gunfire around town.

"We just need to put the guns down, period," he said. "Don't use them on July 4 to shoot up in the air, and don't use them on July 5 either."

Pitbull has been the poster child for stray-bullet campaigns since only 2010, but he seems to be making a difference. The county has avoided any celebratory bullet deaths in recent years.


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