Dolphins Fan Misses His Own Jumbotron Marriage Proposal

Christine's boyfriend was not in his seat when his message flashed on the jumbotron.
Christine's boyfriend was not in his seat when his message flashed on the jumbotron. Screenshot via @Connor_J_Hughes/Twitter
After their 31-24 win over the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins are somehow now a 7-7 football team, riding an improbable six-game winning streak. During the game, former Miami Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson debuted as the featured back, topping over 100 yards for the first time in his long career.

Most Dolphins fans left Hard Rock Stadium feeling pretty good — that is, except for the Dolphins fan who missed his own marriage proposal when "Christine, Will You Marry Me?" appeared on the jumbotron. It's unclear where Christine's boyfriend was during the proposal, whether he was going to the bathroom, buying churros, or doing anything but sitting where he should have been with the ring ready. In his defense, the Dolphins did this at halftime, which is the likeliest time to not be in your seat, thus setting him up for failure.

Oh, Christine. Poor, Christine. For his sake, we hope Christine asked her soon-to-be-maybe-husband for some chicken fingers, and he obliged as the future great husband he's destined to be.

Eventually, Christine's partner returned to his seat, and the jumbotron cut back to the two. Christine was already wearing the ring.

Christine is a seemingly very understanding partner and quite a catch. Congratulations, you crazy kids!
While that halftime proposal didn't go so well, the Dolphins are still 1-1 with marriage proposals at Hard Rock Stadium yesterday: Before the game started, another couple aced the whole will-you-marry-me? thing.

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