Miami Construction Worker Sues After 400-Pound Toilet Falls On His Head

Awww, you had a pretty rough day, huh? Your boss didn't notice how hard you worked on those cold calls? The copy machine kept printing sideways? Starbucks messed up your Grande Frappuccino? Honestly, Carlos Torres doesn't really want to hear it. No matter how messed-up your shift was, it wasn't as half as bad the 38-year-old construction worker's day at the office this past April 3.

That's the morning a Porta-Potty full of 400 pounds of excrement fell on him. Right on his head, actually. Yeah, you lose.

Torres's nightmare day on the job started out like usual. His employer, a labor firm called South East Employee Leasing Services, sent him to a work site on Williams Island in Aventura where hundreds of workers were constructing a new luxury high-rise called the Bellini.

Just before 9:30 that morning, the Colombian-born Torres stationed himself near the shell of the condo tower to help an employee of Allegiance Crane & Equipment with a delicate task -- lowering two, completely full portable toilets to the ground.

As they were being lowered, Torres gestured for the operator to stop while he moved a wheelbarrow. The "next thing the [operator] saw" was Torres lying on the ground, a Porta-Potty on its side next to him, according to a police report. Just to reiterate: Four hundred pounds of shit landed directly on this man's head.

Torres amazingly survived with a broken ankle and some head injuries. Now he wants Allegiance to pay up. He's filed a lawsuit against the company for medical expenses, pain, and suffering. (Allegiance's president, James Robertson, didn't immediately reply to two messages from Riptide seeking comment on the lawsuit.)

If anyone deserves a payout, it's the guy who got 400 pounds of poop dropped on his head.

(H/T Courthouse News Service)

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