Miami Beach Tries to Crack Down on Party Home Rentals

It's the constant dilemma of Miami Beach. On one hand its tourism economy relies on it being on the world's undeniable party hot spots. On the other it's also supposed to be a relaxing subtropical paradise where one should not be bothered by the tikitiki music coming from the Gatsby-wannabe party being held next door.

So just in time for Winter Music Conference to roll around the Miami Beach City commission took up the issue of party house rentals yesterday.

Single home rentals on the beach are supposed to last at least six months and one day. The restriction also applies to multifamily buildings in certain areas, and even apartments and condos that are rented out on a short-term basis must have the proper license.

That hasn't stopped some property owners however from specifically renting out their homes as "party houses" for just days and weeks at a time. As The Herald points out the practice can be so lucrative for some that the fines they might incur form the city are just a nominal price of doing business.

The council discussed the idea of banning those property owners from specifically advertising those homes as party houses. Though, Commissioner Michael Grieco pointed out that it might be hard to verify who had posted the ad. A competing renter might post a fake ad for another home to incur the city's attention.

The commission also talked about banning residential valet service, but realized some permanent residents may need the service for hosting things like charity events occasionally.

All possibilities remain on the table, but Mayor Phillip Levine also discussed the possibility of cutting off water service to homes that had become repeat offenders.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.