Meet the Miami Doctor Accused of Juicing Manny Ramirez

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When MLB nailed Manny Ramirez with a 50-game suspension in May for using banned substances, several newspapers reported that he got his juice from a Florida doctor.

Now, if ESPN's investigative team is correct, we know his name: Dr. Pedro Bosch, a 71-year-old Coral Gables physician.

ESPN reports that Bosch and his son, 45-year-old Anthony Bosch, are under investigation by the DEA for supplying Rameriz with illegal drugs. Anthony Bosch, according to the Worldwide Leader, is a well-known hobnobber in Latin American baseball circles.

Neither Anthony nor Pedro Bosch have criminal records in Miami, based on Riptide's search of public records. Pedro has been involved in a number of civil lawsuits, including a malpractice claim in 2004 that was dismissed and six different contract disputes that same year with financial institutions.

Pedro Bosch's practice is on S. Douglas Road, just south of Coral Gables Hospital. The address is pictured above, via Google Earth. He owns a $640,000 house in Coral Gables.

Manny's playing in the minor leagues right now, preparing for a return to the big leagues in a few weeks. Chances are, he's hoping not too much more comes out about the good Dr. Bosch.

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