LeBron James to Get His Own Marvel Comic Book

LeBron James is joining the ranks of Wolverine, Captain America, and Spider-Man. He's getting his own Marvel comic book. The publishing company has teamed up with (new Disney corporate cousin) ESPN to produce a special one-off issue of a LeBron comic that will be inserted into the next issue of ESPN the Magazine

The 12-page book, titled King of the Rings, imagines a world in which LeBron actually makes good on winning those seven rings he famously promised when he joined the Heat. 

"We decided, let's actually take a look at a fictionalized comic book version of what that might actually look like,"

ESPN the Magazine

senior editor Ty Wegner 

tells Marvel.com

. "And extrapolating out to the future, the storyline [becomes] increasingly more surreal with each passing year."

That apparently involves things like James learning to levitate and building himself a pair of robotic legs (which, hey maybe, Dwyane Wade could use soon). In one nightmare scenario, the Heat is forced to trade away Wade and Chris Bosh, but don't worry, because comic book Pat Riley has a secret plan: He has grown an army of LeBron clones in his secret lab (which is probably something Riley would do if he could). 

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