LeBron James, the FAU Student/Bikini Model, and the Case of the Mysterious DM

LeBron James left South Florida two seasons ago, but apparently he can't get our women out of his head. At least, that's according to the latest social media rumors that we're going to entertain, frankly, because we miss getting to write about weird LeBron theories all the time like it was 2012 again.

Maybe you haven't heard about Rachel Bush, but she's the latest Instagram hottie sensation. When she's not posting pictures of herself in a bikini (and who can blame her), she's also working on getting her degree at Florida Atlantic University. The coed also happens to be dating Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer. 

A charmed life, for sure, one she claims caught the attention of none other than Cleveland hero LeBron James himself. 

According to the New York Daily News, Bush posted a screenshot of an Instagram direct message that James allegedly sent her that simply read, "Hey what's up!" 
Of course, these things are easily Photoshopped, but to make matters odder, last night Bush popped up front row at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. 

with bae

A photo posted by Rachel Bush(@rachelbush) on

The "bae" in question is apparently Poyer, but perhaps the confusion was intended. 

Bush also allegedly addressed the situation in a string of now-deleted tweets. 

Bush didn't address anything further and has now returned her Twitter stream to a steady string of compliments directed her way, complete with emoji commentary. 

So was LeBron James really making amateur mistakes when it came to e-creeping, or is this just a millennial thirsty for attention? We may never know. 

There have long been rumors online about James being involved with women besides his wife Savannah. However, they've never amounted to much, and no one has ever come forward with a smoking gun. 

Even if the DM is legit, it's not exactly like saying "Hey what's up!" to someone on Instagram is necessarily indicative of anything else besides being clueless and maybe a bit creepy. But this whole saga certainly hasn't hurt publicity for one young South Florida model.  

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