Lawyers Argued All About Justin Bieber's Penis in Miami Court Today

A Miami-Dade judge tried to get the long and short of whether or not images of Justin Bieber's Bieber-hood should be released to the media today.

Lawyers for outlets including the Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel, the Associated Press, and CNN argued that under Florida law, surveillance footage of Justin Bieber in a Miami Beach police station last month following his DUI arrest should be made public. Bieber's attorneys however believe that because of Bieber's right to privacy certain portions of those tapes, including images of Bieber peeing into a cup for a drug test, should be withheld.

Normally such videos would be withheld from the media and public during an ongoing investigation, but because they were released to Bieber's defense team, they're now considered public record.

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Here's the, uh, money tweet that pretty much sums up the discussion from the Herald's David Ovalle.

According to the AP's Curt Anderson, the media side eventually decided that it would be fine with blocking out image of Bieber's penis but they still want images of him peeing into a cup.

Ultimately Judge Bill Altfield decided that he needed to review the actually images and another hearing will be held on March 4.

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