Buried deep in Barry Jackson's Florida Sports Buzz column yesterday was the news that the embarrassed former MMA fighter known as Kimbo Slice will now switch his career aspirations towards boxing. 

Kimbo Slice to the Boxing Ring?

Miami-based mixed martial arts star Kimbo Slice will become a pro boxer (as a heavyweight), with his first fight in late summer against an undetermined opponent, promoter Gary Shaw said. 

The only four sided thing Slice is worthwhile watching in is a YouTube video box. He might have had a decent MMA run against so-so opponents, but his now infamous 14 second defeat last October exposed his weaknesses.

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As for boxing, that takes a bit of technique and discipline we're not sure Slice has. How did Muhammad Ali put it? "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"? Well, Slice would be offended if you suggest he do anything like a butterfly, and he doesn't so much sting like a bee as ram you full on like a charging rhino. Which we will kindly ask him to not do to us if he ever reads this article. 

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