Junior Seau Drove His Car Off a Cliff Shortly After Being Arrested

Junior Seau, an all star linebacker who played for the Dolphins for three seasons, was arrested earlier today on charges of domestic violence in Oceanside, California and then drove his car off a cliff. Seau, 41, survived the incident and is being treated at a hospital in nearby La Jolla.

The string events begin late last night when Oceanside police were called to Seau's home on a report that Seau assaulted his 25-year-old live in girlfriend. The victim told police that Seau assaulted her during a verbal argument, but Seau had already left the scene.

He returned back home shortly after midnight and was arrested. He's being charged with spousal assault with injury.

After being released, Seau drove his white Cadillac Escalade off a cliff in Carlsbad, California. The car landed on a beach.

Seau survived and is being treated at a nearby hospital. He was the only passenger.

Seau played most of his career with the San Diego Chargers, but was traded to the Dolphins in 2003. He played three seasons, some hampered by injuries, for the Fins before announcing a retirement that lasted all of four days. That's when he joined the Patriots. Seau retired from football for good after last season.

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Kyle Munzenrieder