Jeb Bush Is Working Directly for Satan, New E-Book Says
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Jeb Bush Is Working Directly for Satan, New E-Book Says

As he nears $100 million in fundraising and an official announcement he's trying to follow his father and brother into the White House, countless sentences are being written about Jeb Bush every single day.

But not many look like the description of a new tome for sale on Amazon about Florida's ex-governor: "This book is about Jeb Bush's role as a major catalyst in bringing about Armageddon," Dylan Clearfield writes in the introduction to his new e-book. "A role that he may have been cultivating from his youth."

The book is called Jeb Bush: Under Satan's Command . Its inside cover image is a split shot of two amateurish, digitally altered portraits of the Miami resident, one with a bright-red face and one with yellow eye sockets. Published by a company whose editorial offices are in Wales, it's broken into sections and well over 100 pages long, with dozens of images and diagrams. And it's really weird.

So what's Clearfield's proof that Jebbie is a minion of Lucifer? Under Satan's Command begins with the section "Quantum Science" and a reference to an alleged discovery that an "opening in time," caused by a collision involving a microscopic black hole, was found in Virginia. Follow all that?

Unique properties of physics borne by the discovery are evidenced in some photos, Clearfield explains, and by examining these photos it's possible to see images of things from alternate time and space dimensions. "Scenes of chaos have been revealed," he writes. "So too have scenes of monsters and extraterrestrials."

But there's also an image of a demon — on an image of Jeb Bush. And not just any image of Jeb — an image "from an earlier time, from his youth."

The author of Jeb Bush: Under Satan's Command believes he's found an explosive truth.
The author of Jeb Bush: Under Satan's Command believes he's found an explosive truth.
screencap via Amazon

This is explored much deeper in a later section of the book. With a blowup of the image — an amorphous, grainy, and extremely creepy picture of two head-shaped figures — that Clearfield compares to the features of an actual portrait of Jeb, demonstrating the irrefutable likeness. The Jeb on the right, Clearfield says, is listening to a demonic figure "whispering into his ear."

"What was he whispering...? Was it advice on how to establish the New World Order? Was it instructions on how to serve or how to be the Antichrist?"

We may never know, unless Jeb tells us.

Clearfield also devotes a large section to an extended lineage of the Bushes, tracing the family to the Mayflower and expounding on what he alleges is a connection with Adolf Hitler — further proof, he writes, that Jeb, as the successor to the evil dynasty, might be the incarnation of the Antichrist.

But Clearfield is no party-line critic: He also examines Barack Obama's family tree and writes that perhaps it's the current president who will bring about the end times. Both Jeb and Obama, he writes, are likely to "be major threads in the pattern that will weave the Apocalypse... But Jeb Bush seems to be the prime component in the world's imminent descent into annihilation."

At last, near the end of the volume, Clearfield gets to the money question: "Is Jeb Bush the Antichrist?"

The answer: "Maybe."

New Times thought we could help Clearfield get a more definitive answer, so we asked Right to Rise, Bush's political action committee, to clarify whether Jeb is actively serving Satan. Right to Rise did not respond.

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