Still a long way out, but....
Still a long way out, but....
Courtesy of National Hurricane Center

Two New Storms Forming in the Atlantic, Might be Headed to United States UPDATED

Update: By Friday morning, the second storm had developed into Tropical Depression 14, but the projected path turned slightly north. It had also slowed some and was expected to weaken after five days.  

The National Hurricane Center reports two new storm systems are forming in the far eastern Atlantic. Though they are far from Miami, both show a 70 percent probability of becoming tropical depressions within five days.

The NHC predicts a more southerly track for the pair than Hurricane Jose, which seems to be headed into the Atlantic, far from our Irma-battered shores. For Jose, it should be noted, according to the hurricane center, that "there is a fair bit of spread in the global models... which does not give me a lot of confidence in the long-term track forecast."

The forward tropical wave should hit the Leeward Islands in five days and is moving rather rapidly. The second wave is moving less rapidly but is likely to gain strength more quickly.

Miami, we really wish we didn't have to tell you this.

We will update this story as the systems move west.

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