Happy Birthday Burnie! Celebrate The Heat's Mascot With His Six Greatest Moments

Happy belated Birthday, Burnie!

Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot, celebrated his birthday with Heat fans during the Heat-Magic game Saturday night. Festivities before the game included bounce houses, face painting, inflatables, rides, interactive games and more.

The first 5,000 kids in attendance Saturday night got a "Burnie face on a stick" giveaway, and celebrated the birthday of the only mascot the Miami Heat have ever known all game long.

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Then Burnie did what any 20 something dude would do on his birthday, he jumped out of a perfectly properly operating aircraft soaring at 12,000 plus feet in the sky.

Burnie was just kickin' it with his boys Billy the Marlin, Stanley C. Panther, T.D. and Roary the Panther by the pool when he got a call from the Homestead Air Force Reserve Base. Because they needed Burnie for a top secret mission you see.

In the video below you can see Burnie prancing his happy rough-depiction-of-a-fireball ass onto the runway, handed the details of the mission, then jumping out of the plane. Like I said, there is video of this, below, for reals.

Burnie is a a bad ass, add this to the list of reasons. Dude was once facing 20 years in a Puerto Rican prison and paid to make it go away, don't let the green basketball nose fool you, he's 100% thug.

Burnie's birthday shenanigans got me thinking about some of the more memorable Burnie moments. Yes, I'm an adult, why do you ask? Anyway, here are a few Burnie moments that should make the rest of your workday go by a little faster, enjoy.

"Beyonce' Burnie"

Teach Me How To Burnie

"We Want Wade"

"The Burnie Bunch"
Burnie Battle Dances Sly Fox

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