Gov. Rick Scott Hosting Twitter Town Hall Tonight

Rick Scott's campaign for governor wasn't especially social media savvy, but who needs to take little things like Twitter into account when you've got tens of millions of your own money to spend? Once in office, though, the Republican governor was faced with the realization that despite being elected by a majority of voters, not that many of them actually liked him. So tonight Rick Scott is holding Florida's first Twitter town hall meeting. Aww, he wants to be your Twitter buddy.

Scott, who usually has his communication staff deal with this Twitter thing, will actually be tweeting form his own stream at @FLGovScott between 7 and 7:30 p.m. He'll answer as many questions as he can in 140 characters or less, and is asking users to use the hastag #FlGov to get his attention.

We're not really sure how much policy can be explained in that amount of space, so we're just going to ask Scott questions that really seem more appropriate to Twitter:

  • @FlGovScott What's Yr Take on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Ttly shoulda been Mila Kunis, right? #FlGov
  • @FlGovScott Coachella lineup this year is totes lame, going to Ultra instead this year? #FlGov
  • @FlGovScott R U A Belieber? #FlGov
  • @FlGovScott Did yr Zodiac change? U a #Ophiuchus? #FlGov
  • @FlGovScott A/S/L? Pix? S2R. #FlGov

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