George Rekers Resigns from NARTH Board

Dr. George Rekers has resigned from the board of the NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, in the wake of the fallout following his trip to Europe with a young male escort.

Talking Points Memo reports that Rekers first offered his resignation last Thursday, two days after our story hit the internet, and officially resigned this morning. NARTH promotes the idea that homosexuality is a curable inclination.

David Pruden, NARTH's vice president of operations, however refutes our report earlier this morning that the organization had an official role in handling damage control after the scandal.

From TPM:

"NARTH has never had any role in advising Dr. Rekers except to suggest that if he is innocent he needs to get a good lawyer," Pruden said in an email. "He has friends who are members of NARTH and they are free to talk with, advise, and needless to say, they are free to help him in any way they might select."

"NARTH as an organization has taken no official role in this other than asking him to explain to us what has happened and in accepting his resignation," he said.

"Apparently the people who are associated with NARTH, they asked for him to send me an email of things we should write out," Lucien, the escort, told our writers Penn Bullock and Brandon Thorp. "And I didn't agree upon it because I didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation."

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Kyle Munzenrieder