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Gansevoort South to be Sold at Auction; New Year's Eve Rooms Still Going for $720

I don't know if you can consider a hotel a "guilty pleasure," but the Gansevoort South certainly comes close. Home to reality TV mess Miami Social and having a strong spot on the list of Miami party spots, the Gansy can also be added to the list of South Beach hotels currently facing problems. In fact, the two-year old hotel is being put up for auction by its creditors, according to The Herald.

Developers William and Michael Achenbaum's company Gansevoort Hotel Group will retain control of the hotel's operation for the foreseeable future and hope to reach a settlement with its creditors or buy the hotel back at auction.

The Miami outpost of steakhouse STK is still set to open in the coming weeks as well.

In the meantime the hotel and all its amenities, including Plunge, Louis, and the David Barton gym will remain in operation and a big New Year's Eve bash is in the works. According to Hotel Chatter, you can still book a king size room at the Gansy for New Year's Eve for a mere $720 a night.

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Kyle Munzenrieder