Fumble-Prone Former Dolphin Sammie Smith Gets Civil Rights Back

"Sammie Sucks. Sammie Sucks," chants are long since gone from Miami Dolphin home games, as is the unfortunate and short-lived pro football career of former running back Sammie Smith. But things finally seem to be turning around for one of the most hated Dolphins of all time. After finishing up a seven year stretch for possession and distribution of cocaine earlier this decade, the Miami Herald reported that Smith, 43, won the restoration of his civil rights back than the Florida Clemency Board on June 3.

Testimony from former Florida State University Coach Bobby Bowden was part of what convinced Gov. Charlie Crist and the state's Clemency Board to restore Smith's rights. Here it is from the Herald:

"It's a privilege for me to come up and vouch for him," Bowden told the panel. "I'll stand behind him 100 percent. This one, I'm sure, will not make another" mistake."

It's unlikely that any former Dolphins or even Fish fans gave testimony on Smith's behalf. Why? The guy had a career long case of fumble-it is in the pros and was responsible for one of the most ignoble foibles in the fabled franchises history. We're talking about the "Double Whammy on Sammie" in 1991 of course. In back to back games, Smith fumbled into the end zone, resulting in return for a touchdown in one game and thwarting a Dan Marino-led comeback in another. Smith never lived it down and was traded and eventually out of the league. You know what Sammie? You don't suck so much anymore! Good luck with the rest of your life.

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