Francis Suarez Will Challenge Tomas Regalado in Miami's Mayor Race

After weeks of speculation, City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez officially announced today that he will challenge Mayor Tomas Regalado. Suarez is only 35, and has spent barely three years on the commission, but his family connections have given him a boost to the top of the city's political landscape. His dad is former Mayor Xavier Suarez.

In his announcement, Suarez took direct aim at Regalado's regime.

"This administration has failed to hire police officers when they have been budgeted, I have witnessed the mayor fighting with the police chief when he could have been hiring police officers," said Suarez, referring to the mayor's high profile and often bizarre tiff with former police chief Miguel Exposito.

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Regalado's term has been far from impressive. It was this paper after all, with a bit of tongues in our cheek, that called for his resignation a year a half ago. However, he remains popular among the likely voters that elected him in the first place.

The election is set for November 5.

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