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Five Fun Facts About Miami Dolphins First-Round Pick Christian Wilkins

Christian Wilkins
Christian Wilkins
Miami Dolphins
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On Thursday night, the Miami Dolphins selected Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins with the 13th overall selection of the NFL Draft, and Dolphins fans were instantly treated to a taste of his personality. Time will tell if Wilkins was a good pick, but his first impression has been a hit. Upon hearing his name called, Wilkins riffed to the media about everything, from loving that Florida has no state income tax to his being the man who can replace Dwyane Wade in the hearts of local sports fans.

From the look of things, Wilkins should provide some much-needed character to the Dolphins locker room in addition to his elite football services. We're eager to find out more about the newest Dolphin. Here are a few fun things we've uncovered so far.

1. He was bored, so he decided to teach kindergarten. Amazingly, Wilkins became the first Clemson scholarship player to graduate in just two and a half years. Wilkins was also awarded the William V. Campbell Trophy, considered the "academic Heisman." But of all the things Wilkins has achieved off the field, teaching kindergarten might be the coolest thing we've ever heard.

According to Wilkins, he took a part-time job as a substitute teacher for all ages but found his niche with the younger kids.

2. Chances are Wilkins will find his way onto the field on offense (and maybe even special teams), too. Wilkins is famous for his pass rush, but Clemson made sure to utilize his big-boy skills on offense as well. Wilkins has multiple touchdowns on his résumé — both receiving and rushing — and was used as a goal-line fullback as well.

What's more, there is tape floating around of Wilkins kicking long-ish field goals in practice. This dude does it all. If it came down to it, we wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins used Wilkins at quarterback in an emergency situation.

3. Wilkins once caused drama when he performed a striptease for a Clemon booster. Wilkins is known for his dancing. From postchampionship splits to post-Draft booty shaking, his dancing talents are on record. One lesser-known instance took place at a Clemson charity fundraiser where Wilkins got his Magic Mike on all over a Clemson booster named Gina Tindall.

Some thought Wilkins crossed the line, and the team addressed it. But Tindall made it clear she wasn't bothered by the show Wilkins put on.

It is super sad that the State newspaper has made this out to be something it isn’t. I know the video can seem to be more than it really was, but I promise Christian Wilkins did nothing out of the way or nor did I. He tore a black tank top off and that was gym shorts he was wearing. I can tell you he is one of my favorite players because he has such a big personality. He was the sweetest thing to all of the ladies on Saturday.

4. He isn't afraid to sing his ass off. Back in 2016, Wilkins busted out his own personal version of Carpool Karaoke, laying down some mean performances alongside (now Houston Texans) star quarterback Deshaun Watson and a few other teammates.

It's clear Wilkins has always had an infectious personality. The Dolphins can definitely use some of what Wilkins seems to offer.

5. Wilkins had his defensive line dress up as the Power Rangers for Halloween, and the results were awesome. After 1 through 4 above, this video should come as no surprise. It's still an amazing thing to watch, though.

Wilkins and his fellow Clemson teammates decided to be the Power Rangers for Halloween back in 2016, and the results appear in the video above, which you've undoubtedly watched three times now. It's quite possible Wilkins is the greatest sports personality to hit Miami since Chris Bosh. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.