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Five Must-Try Publix Items for Lionel Messi's Victory Party

The Key Lime Pie on aisle 10 is calling your name, Mr. G.O.A.T.
Lionel Messi is off to a solid start in Miami.
Lionel Messi is off to a solid start in Miami. Photo (left) by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images; Publix catering photo by Peter Knocke/Flickr
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The world is still buzzing about Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi's South Florida debut. From ESPN to Barstool Sports to Telemundo, it's all over the news.

No, we aren't talking about Messi's storybook final-seconds free kick game-winning goal against Mexican club team Cruz Azul in his first game with Inter Miami. We're referring to the Publix grocery run Messi took upon his arrival in the Sunshine State.

Messi and his family were spotted at a South Florida Publix grocery store, finding out first-hand what all the hype is about. The sight of one of the greatest soccer players of all time doing some everyday shopping created quite a buzz, and people couldn't help but zoom in to get a glimpse of the family-size box of Lucky Charms cereal and Little Bites muffins at the top of his cart.

It seems that his inaugural shopping spree was all about the tykes, but we have some recommendations for Messi to stock up on for a victory celebration.

Chicken Tenders

If there were a fried-food equivalent to Lionel Messi's soccer skills, it would be Publix chicken tenders. The tenders are no ordinary finger food, and they seem to have come straight out of a sci-fi novel. They're the G.O.A.T. chicken tenders, which makes them perfect for arguably the greatest soccer player of all-time.

Publix has honed the art of making tenders that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Double-breaded and fried en masse, these tenders are a Publix food every new South Florida resident has to try.

Key Lime Pie

For a taste of old Florida, Lionel Messi should try Publix's Key lime pie. It's not an exaggeration to say that Publix has cracked the code to this recipe.

Whatever secret ingredients Publix puts in their Key West-inspired creation make it heavenly, but also very dangerous. If Messi overeats it, Inter Miami may need to move him to fullback.

Topped with a dollop of whipped cream, this pie would make for a centerpiece victory-party dessert and a decent cooldown treat after a long day on the pitch.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Let's kick things up a notch!

Given Messi's knack for making free kicks extra spicy, he should try Publix's buffalo chicken dip. This dip, which should be illegal on account of its highly addictive nature, features shredded chicken breast smothered in tangy buffalo sauce.

The blend of flavors in this dip is sure to whiz around taste buds, just like Messi's legendary free-kicks zip through the penalty box. (Let's see how many times we can shamelessly work in soccer puns throughout Messi's stay with Inter.)

Publix Subs

No visit to Publix would be complete without trying a legendary Publix sub. While we won't recommend the typical chicken tender sub that everyone else does, we do suggest that Messi vies for a Pub-sub packed with extra meat, sharp cheddar cheese, and an added kick of flavor via healthy helpings of peppers.

Messi is known for doing things bigger and better than anyone else, and between the crusty bread, fresh ingredients, and sheer size of a Publix sub, we suspect Messi would love them nearly much as he loves soccer.

A cart full of these sandwiches would provide a hearty boost before Messi takes on Atlanta United on July 25 in the next installment of the Leagues Cup tournament. 

Maple Bourbon Rotisserie Chicken

If Messi or his guests have a sweet tooth, we have just the idea to get them to sit down for a dinner composed of proper protein: maple bourbon-flavored rotisserie chicken at Publix.

It's like candy in the chicken form. If you love Reese's Pieces, you'll love this chicken.

The combination of maple and bourbon-infused flavors take Publix's already solid rotisserie chicken to new, unexpected places, where Messi is evidently unafraid to go.
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