Fidel Castro Met with Perennial C-Lister Aubrey O'Day

Fidel Castro apparently once took time out of his busy schedule of ruining Cuba to meet with reality contestant turned fame whore Aubrey O'Day. She came away from the encounter with the impression Castro was "brilliant."

O'Day came to "fame" as a cast member on Diddy's reality show, Making the Band, and eventually got a spot in the pop group Danity Kane before being kicked out. She was stunt-cast in a Broadway play based on a movie. She posed for Playboy. She recorded a horrible cover of New Order's classic "Bizarre Love Triangle." Basically she is everything wrong with our culture.

Because Fox News is generally a freak show, Sean Hannity invited O'Day on his show Monday night to talk about how kids should be taught the joys of masturbation. By some accounts, she "schooled" Hannity and his panel of conservatives on that point. The revelation of her meeting with Castro came later.

"I've met him and worked with him when I was in Cuba. I'm not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say I will 100 percent agree he is an incredibly brilliant man," O'Day said of Fidel.

Later, O'Day said she thought Hitler was brilliant too.

That might invite some flinching, but yes, generally some of the most evil people in history are quite intelligent. If they weren't, we probably could have had some spy infiltrate their governments and jingled keys in front as a distraction or something.

But wait, how did O'Day get an audience with ol' Castro?

"I was a college student on a program called Semester at Sea. Through that program, chosen political-science students attended a half-day seminar of Fidel Castro and his thoughts on basically everything except Cuba's relationship with the U.S.," she clarified later to MTV News.

I don't know what's more surprising: that she met Castro or that she went to college.

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Kyle Munzenrieder