Dylan Skye Bosh: New Daddy Chris Bosh Is Our Favorite Heat Player

So the guy looks like a dinosaur when he roars. And he is grumpy when confronted with TV series that use his likeness.

But Bosh is having a killer start to the season, and now he has a third child, Dylan Skye Bosh, who was born at 5:55 a.m. yesterday, weighing a tiny 6 pounds and 14 ounces.

So far this year, Bush is leading the team in rebounds (6.8) and blocks (1.5). He is second to LeBron James in points per game(19.8) and he looks KILLER on the court. Tonight, the team plays the Raptors, his old team, at 7 p.m., and so he really should improve those numbers.

There were times last year where the guy looked as if he were moving in slow motion and had lost his shot, but all memories of that are now gone.

And he is a daddy. Hell, he is a daddy three times over with a five-year-old named Trinity and a one-year-old named Jackson.

Moreover, just the other day, he penned an article in Wired that argued everyone should learn to code:

I would like to teach kids about coding because the possible applications are fascinating and it's really quite simple when you think of it. And while you could say, "but you don't use it in your career" -- I'd argue that I do. I did learn lots of life lessons both on and off the court. At this point, learning to code is simply about understanding how the world functions.

Dude is a renaissance man. He likes Harry Potter too. Now that is scholarly stuff!

Still not convinced? Check out this wholesome video of the Boshmeister:

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