Dwyane Wade's New Nickname Is WOW, and LeBron James Thinks It's "Corny"

It's no longer "Flash," "D-Wade," or "MV3." If you're going to address Dwyane Wade informally, now you have to do so by his new self-appointed nickname: WOW. Yes, WOW, as in Way of Wade.

Don't feel blasphemous if you think it's a little odd, because even LeBron James thinks it's corny.

In fact, Wade hadn't announced the new nickname until James called him out on it.

"It's 'WOW,' Way of Wade," James told reporters, according to the Palm Beach Post. "I think it's corny."

"I think it's global," Wade retorted.

The WOW moniker is part of the marketing campaign for Wade's new line of shoes with Chinese company Li-Ning.

Well, it's certainly easier to spell than Dwyane, but come on, dude, you can't just give yourself a new nickname. This isn't pro wrestling. What was wrong with Flash anyway?

We predict this will go over about as well as when that kid in middle school wanted everyone to call him Big Poppa Pimp or when your dad wanted you to call him D. Boss.

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