Please ignore the awkward fact that Wade never technically "threepeated."
Please ignore the awkward fact that Wade never technically "threepeated."
Image courtesy of Naked

Dwyane Wade Sent a Naughty Selfie to His Manager, and Now He Has His Own Underwear Line

Dwyane Wade already has his own lines of ties and shoes, and pretty soon he'll have his own underwear line too. Essentially, Wade will be providing everything a particularly classy male stripper needs in his wardrobe.

Wade is the new face of Naked underwear and will launch his own signature collection with company in 2016. But how did the upstart skivvies brand nab an NBA superstar? Through the power of scantily clad selfies, naturally. 

"Dwyane, believe it or not, found us," Carole Hochman, CEO of Naked Brand Group, told the Street. "His wife brought him a pair of Naked underwear. He put it on and that's what began the whole process. He put it on and took a selfie, sent it to his manager and said, 'Find this company'."

Soliciting business deal through pictures of you in your underwear: not just for fashion models anymore!

Wade will serve as the lead spokesman for the company's "Role Models." He'll also join the company's advisory board and serve as creative director of his own line to debut next year. 

"I am very excited to partner with a brand that celebrates individuality and authenticity," Wade said in a statement. "What you wear underneath is the foundation for how you look and feel. Naked is taking innerwear to the next level and I look forward to helping them build the brand and the business." 

A collection of Wade's favorite undies, if you ever wanted to know.
A collection of Wade's favorite undies, if you ever wanted to know.
Screenshot of Naked's website.

Naked is known for it's soft and seamless undies, and a two-pack of boxer briefs starts at $40. 

A selection of Wade's favorites are already being hawked on the website, and Wade himself makes an appearance, though fully dress. He'll be an underwear mogul, not an underwear model. 

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