Dwyane Wade Denies He's Visiting Knicks; Meanwhile Radio Host Tweets LeBron and Bosh Coming to Miami

This past Friday, ESPN's Ian O'Connor made a million Miami hearts sink by reporting Dwyane Wade was set to visit the New York Knicks this Thursday, the same day Chris Bosh and LeBron James were said to be meeting with the struggling franchise in the nation's biggest media market. 

However, the Miami Herald caught up with Wade just as he was boarding a plane for a vacation before all the free-agency madness officially begins. 

"I haven't set anything in stone," Wade told the paper, denying the reports. Though he later added, "I love Miami, and everyone knows that. We worked hard to put ourselves in this position. But as a free agent, you explore everything and see what happens."

Meanwhile, this morning Fox Sports radio host Stephen A. Smith teased us with his latest supposed scoop on Twitter

I just reported on my show that LeBron James is heading to S. Beach -- with Chris Bosh -- to team with Dwayne [sic] Wade and Pat Riley.

That would make everyone in South Florida absolutely ecstatic (save for Erik Spoelstra), but NBC's Pro Basketball Talk adds this warning: "It comes via Stephen A. Smith, who certainly has some NBA contacts but also is a big self-promoter, likes to say things that will draw the spotlight to himself and misses on plenty. So, make sure you have plenty of salt with you."

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