Dolphins Were Terrible Last Night, but Everyone Loves the Throwback Uniforms

The Miami Dolphins lost to the New York Giants 31-24 last night, officially eliminating the Fins from playoff contention. They are now out of the hunt. There is no more hunt! Oh no, we suck again! 

The Dolphins are always bad, and it's pretty lame. What isn't bad or lame, however, were the badass throwback uniforms they wore last night. Those were so cool. Those definitely didn't suck. 

Last night marked just the second time in franchise history that the Dolphins broke out their throwback uniforms, this time the circa-1966 version. The super-clean-looking retro unis that have been a big hit with the fans and players included the traditional aqua jerseys with orange-and-white numbers, white pants, and eggshell-colored helmets with the original dolphin logo. Superfresh. Superclean. Tough-looking. Definitely non-Sea World-dolphin looking. They were legit. 

The last time the team wore throwbacks was in a 40-21 Thanksgiving Day win over the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. That version was styled to resemble the 1973 Super Bowl team uniforms and to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of the NFL and the 30th anniversary of the Super Bowl VIII championship team. We'll have to trust them on this — not the uniform part, the team getting to a Super Bowl. Seems like a fishy story, to be honest. 

Last night, the team went all out in its attempt to re-create anything and everything just like 1966. The field was painted as it might have appeared in the Orange Bowl in 1966, fans received white hankies as they entered the game just as they did at some points during the Fins' inaugural season, and once the game began, the team was very shitty. Throwback! So realistic! 

The sleek look came as a celebration of the team's 50th anniversary and was saved for a Monday Night Football game against the Giants in mid-December that should have had more importance than it did.

Instead, it was just a distraction from Odell Beckham Jr. sprinting like a runaway stallion through a gaping, well-manicured valley.

Even the cheerleaders got in on the act by sporting some of their own throwback outfits throughout the game. Fans have had little to cheer for during what amounts to yet another lost season and even fewer reasons to be positive about the team in general — but the overall consensus seemed to be Fins fans wish the team would stick with the look permanently

Seriously, someone started a Change.org page to make this happen. No joke. Dolphins fans love these uniforms a lot. Are you listening, Miami Dolphins? Your customers really liked this thing, and if you made it a permanent thing, they would buy said thing, and you would put all sorts of countries' currency in your pocket. Just make the orca logo go away. 

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