Dolphins Don't Want to Play Any More 1 p.m. Home Games

The average high temperature during the first month of the NFL season in Miami is 87.8 degrees with ungodly humidity. Heat that brutal doesn't exactly make for a nice day at the ballpark, especially when you're sitting in one of the many seats at the appropriately named Sun Life Stadium without shade.

So Dolphins owner Steve Ross has asked the NFL to schedule as few, if any, 1 p.m. home games as possible. The league is thinking about it, but it's not exactly a priority. A source tells the Herald: "It's impossible to fulfill the wish list of every team.''

There's no denying the heat factor, but fans with young kids who have to get them up for school in the morning might not be so hot on the idea of the Fins playing only in the evening.

Pro Football Talk theorizes the heat coupled with the threat of hurricanes could persuade the league to schedule most of the Fins' early-season games away but that our division rivals wouldn't be up for the idea.

They also suggest the team could always build a dome, but we have a feeling it will snow in September before anyone decides to pony up the cash for that.

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Kyle Munzenrieder