Diddy Gives Rare Glimpse Into His Star Island Mansion

Diddy is probably one of the only people in the world who can say"That's always been a hobby of mine, collecting estates," with a straight face. Collecting estates? Most of us would be so lucky just to have one.

Anyway, despite taking pride in his hobby, Diddy has a policy of keeping cameras out of his pad. No MTV Cribs for him, but he allowed Tim Westwood to get a tiny peak inside of his Star Island Mansion. Diddy says the Island is like Miami's answer to Bel Air, and that's there's only "like" 12 houses.

You don't get much of a view, but you do find out that the floors are made from 1910s African rail road tracks, a view of three Grammys on a baby grande and his pool which fits 200 people.

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