Dax "Dr. Dax" Rudnak, Big Boi Music Video Director, Live-Tweeted His Occupy Art Basel Prison Stay

Dr. Dax -- real name Dax Rudnak -- has the kind of career Riptide can get behind. He is an Atlanta graffiti artist who designs album covers that look like this. He's directed several Big Boi videos including this one featuring 2 Short and George Clinton, and can be seen here bowling in a dashiki.

On December 2, Dax was in Miami for Art Basel shooting film for the magazine Frank151. That's when he saw a gathering of Occuppy Miami protestors on 24th Street and 2nd Avenue, he says, and started filming them. One of the protestors-- "a Puerto Rican kid who was being really out of control"-- was arrested, which is when Dax says he put away his camera. But when the cops turned around, they arrested Dax too.

Predictably, the official Miami Police report tells a different story. According to the officer -- cops always write their name really vaguely on reports but it looks like "B. Presume" -- Dax riled up a surrounding crowd when a friend was being arrested, chanting: "Fuck you police, fuck you", and calling the cop a "cracker".

Dax-- who is white-- calls the account "completely false" and says: "I don't know why I would call a Haitian police officer 'cracker'."

Either way, Dax was charged with the misdemeanors of resisting an officer and disorderly conduct, and the felony of inciting a riot.

He live-tweeted his jail stay with his cell phone, captioning photos of him locked up with "I'm in fucking jail. Pussies don't no I got my phone" and "This sum bullshit. I was taking pics of occupy Miami people getting arrested . Now here I go on this fucking cage. FUCK."

The location of Dax's arrest was far from Occupy Miami's Government Center squatting zone, and the protest has been (somewhat frustratingly) free of arrests. But Occupy Art Basel did promise to protest the art fair in Wynwood and around Miami. Maybe Dax caught those protesters getting arrested?

If so, that video is gone. "They erased my footage," he says of the police. "They're fucking me. It's because I was recording something that they didn't want me to record."

Let's all cheer up. Here's the video Dax directed of a rap song based entirely on the Val Kilmer line "I'm your huckleberry" from Tombstone.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts