Dan Bilzerian, "King of Instagram," Won't Face Charges For Allegedly Kicking Woman's Face at LIV

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram feed is like a 14-year-old boy's fantasy world come to life. Guns, beautiful women who forgot their pants, more guns, and baby alligators at fancy nightclubs keep Bilzerian's 7.1 million followers coming back for more.

The trust-fund playboy and professional poker player's lifestyle seemed to at last collide with reality at LIV during this past year's Art Basel. That's when Bilzerian was accused of kicking a woman in the face; he was reportedly banned from the club and Miami Beach police launched an investigation.

This morning, MBPD announced that Bilzerian won't face charges for the supposed boot to the face, however.

Bilzerian tells People that a nightclub security video exonerated him by contradicting earlier cell phone footage posted online.

"They did a full investigation," Bilzerian tells the magazine. "They got the club's [surveillance] video, which is much better and clearer than the handheld video that was posted online. And it shows that I didn't kick anyone."

The professional Instagrammer is walking on another serious charge that landed around the same time, when he was arrested in Los Angeles on allegations that he'd detonated an illegal homemade bomb at a local gun range; he's reportedly pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor to resolve that charge.

There's no word yet, however, on the biggest question: Whether Bilzerian is now welcome back at LIV.

Bilzerian was in a mood to celebrate the news this morning. Either that, or it's just another Friday morning in Bilzerian land.

Let me fuck you up with some truth... link is in bio

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