Dada 5000 Delivers On Guarantee, Crushes Timothy Papp Jr.

Fifty seconds. That's how quick Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000, dispatched Timothy Papp Jr., an Oklahoma MMA fighter with more experience than the Perrine Spartan. Prior to stepping into the ring with Papp, Harris told New Times, "I need to inflict pain on him real quick so people know I am for real. He doesn't know what I got in store for him." From the opening bell, Harris was in control. We'll let Harris' own words describe his decisive victory with sideline fight footage shot by Rakontur producer Evan Rosenfeld.

Dhafir Harris: My first fight, my footing was slipping a lot. This time I paced myself. I was able to shift [Papp] into the direction I wanted to take him to. Once I got him three feet away from the cage, I just launched at him. I fucked him up with a hook that formed a big knot on the side of his head and split him open.

I performed a front guillotine choke on him, but I really wanted to knock him out so I let him go. I caught him with a left and then a right to drop him. I fucked that dude's whole world up.

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