Chris Hansen Accused of Cheating, Gets Exactly What's Coming to Him (UPDATED)

Update, 2:17 p.m.: Random Pixels blogger Bill Cooke has put up the Hansen spread, complete with a photo of Hansen leaving a Palm Beach liquor store, his wedding ring gleaming in the sunlight.

You know who he is: The expensive haircut, the cheap ties. The fake tan, the small-town wrestling announcer voice.

He's Chris Hansen, the former host of NBC's To Catch A Predator, who built a career around pretending to be a cop so he could plant would-be pedophiles on stools and get them to blabber on national television about how sorry they are. You know, in the name of justice (and making as much money as possible).

Well, the National Enquirer says it caught him -- on camera -- cheating on his wife with a South Florida newscaster. And yeah, he's one of the 30 people she follows on Twitter, which these days is pretty much the same thing.

The Enquirer's online post claims the full article is "ON SALE NOW!" but the July 4 edition currently on newsstands doesn't mention Hansen.

We're taking the claim, like all others from the National Enquirer, with a grain of salt, but it should be noted that the supermarket tabloid was right about the affairs of Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart and John Edwards, and then again about Edwards' love child. This is kind of their specialty. They say they've got photos, but we haven't seen them yet.

If it's true, it couldn't have happened to a bigger sleazeball.

This is not an endorsement of pedophilia. Repeated, for the sake of the comments section: Attempting to have intercourse with children is wrong. But for a "journalist" to lure men to a house and then coerce them into an interview under false pretenses is not justice, or karma, or a service to society -- it is ratings, and it is disgusting.

Yes, yes -- we're supposed to be really mean to pedophiles. But that's the job of the courts and big prisoners named Treestump, not a guy who's supposed to be an investigative reporter. And now Hansen's been hoisted with his own petard, except somehow even the National Enquirer reporters ended up acting more like journalists than he did in his Predator days.

The man does not have an ethical bone in his body, and now even his wife and kids know it.

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