Bobby Valentine Might Not Be Marlins' Next Manager After All

From a baseball standpoint, we still can't make sense of the Marlins' unceremonious firing of manager Fredi Gonzalez (dude did the best he could with that salary). From a Jeffrey-Loria-is-an-idiot standpoint, it at least added up. Loria has been keen on the idea of replacing Gonzalez with his buddy Bobby Valentine since last season, despite the fact Valentine's run as skipper with the Mets and Rangers left a lot to be desired. 

Now absolutely nothing makes sense. Sports Illustrated reports the Marlins have taken Valentine out of the running. This comes after a weekend when reports were flying that the agreement was pretty much a done deal. 

SI and ESPN (where Valentine currently works) both reported this weekend he'd be hired. ESPN said he was given a yearlong deal. But yeah, apparently Loria hasn't given Valentine a valentine reading, "I Choo Choo Choose You" just yet. 

Valentine was on ESPN last night saying discussions were still ongoing, but the deal doesn't seem to be sealed the way it once did. 

Interim manager Edwin Rodriguez and former Marlins outfield coach, now with the Diamondbacks, Bo Porter are still in the running for what might be the toughest job in baseball.

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