Armando Salguero Is the New Tea Party Hero

The Tea Party has a new superstar: the Miami Herald's Dolphins reporter Armando Salguero!

Yesterday Salguero made a stir by sending out a newsroom-wide email slamming the paper for choosing to run a blog post about allegations that Sarah Palin hooked up with former Miami Heat star Glen Rice while he was a college player. That email, of course, leaked online, and now Salguero is today's Tea Party hero.

Random Pixels' leak of the email was picked up by the Conservatives4Palin website and simply pasted under the headline "The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero Slams His Own Newspaper for Printing Lies About Governor Palin."

The admiration doesn't end there. Palin fans are now sending Salguero thank-you tweets. An overactive Twitter user called @PATR2012 is even encouraging people tweeting on the issues to give Salguero props:

  • @ThomasSSchmitz: @ArmandoSalguero Thanks 4 speaking out against the cutting & pasting of Creepy McG's (@JoeMcGinniss) pervy #YellowJournalism
  • @Ohio4Sarah: @ArmandoSalguero Props to you for displaying courage and shiing the sunlight on the biases in the "newsroom" #Palin

  • @IanLazaran: @ArmandoSalguero You also could have asked your colleagues why they didn't report on the Obama/Vera Baker story in the Enquirer. [Ed note: The Enquirer reported in 2010 that Obama had a 2004 affair with a campaign staffer named Vera Baker. No smoking gun was produced, and Baker herself denied the allegations.]
  • @britcomeback09: @armandosalguero thank you for your basic humanity & demand for fairness when it comes to Sarah Palin. Truth always wins out & she has that.
  • @OnePurpleKrayon: Journalistic integrity goes out the window when MSM reports on Palin. Read @ArmandoSalguero's email to his colleagues http://tinyurl.com/3ogcaqg

Salguero has not responded to any of the support and hasn't even tweeted any Dolphins news since the email was published online.

However, he does have another group of rabid fans of an increasingly irrelevant-seeming, former powerhouse furiously tweeting at him: Dolphins fans just want to know whether Sunday's game will be blacked out.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.