Ankle Bracelets Cost Criminals an Arm and a Leg

In Chanel's spring/summer 2009 collection, designer Karl Lagerfeld introduced a sly take on ankle monitoring bracelets that seemed to be all the rage with Lindsay Lohan. He dubbed the ankle purses "the rehab bag." 

Now Floridians who are ordered to wear actual ankle monitoring bracelets will have to pay Chanel-like prices. 

Gov. Charlie Crist signed into law a bill that included a provision that offenderes ordered to wear them will now cover the cost burden -- up to $3,200 a year. The things cost the state about $8.94 a day each to run, and had a total bill of $5 million last year. 

Most of the people forced to wear the devices in Florida are sex offenders. And though they don't have our sympathy, they already face enough problems in finding employement or even places to live. So we wonder how they're going to come up with the extra cash. 

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