900 Biscayne directly overlooks the AAA.
900 Biscayne directly overlooks the AAA.
Photo by Averette | WikiCommons CC3.0

Amidst Heat Rumors, Kevin Durant Sells His Downtown Condo

According to various rumors and reports, Pat Riley has a big plan to sign Kevin Durant when he hits free agency next sumer. Which would be great, considering Durant owned a condo that directly overlooked the Heat's American Airlines Arena ... or he did anyway. The Oklahoma City Thunder star just sold the property for a tidy sum. 

Durant bought the unit at 900 Biscayne back in 2011 for $1.825 million from the building's developers. (Coincidently Dwyane Wade was living in the same building before moving to his current Miami Beach mansion.) The penthouse has three bedrooms and a total of 3,535 square feet of living space. 

According to the South Florida Business Journal , Durant just sold the unit for  $3.15 million to a trust controlled by Felipe Moncaleano, a Colombian investor. No one knows how often Durant actually used the condo, and it might have been meant as an investment property all along, in which case he made a pretty sweet profit. 

Moncaleano, by the way, immediately put the property up for rent at the princely sum of $22,000 a month, which is actually a bit more than the median per capita income in the city of Miami. 

As for those Heat rumors, Riley supposedly wants to leave room open for signing Durant in 2016. That may be part of the reason Dwyane Wade is trying to renegotiate his contract now. However, other reports suggest that if Durant were to leave OKC, he'd much rather end up with his hometown Washington Wizards.

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