Actually, It's a Different Bob Martinez Who Might Be a Frontrunner for the Senate Appointment

So, we kept hearing that Bob Martinez, as in the former one-term governor, was in the mix to be appointed to the Senate. The thing is, well, he's 74 years old, which isn't necessarily a barrier to be a senator. But he was not a very popular governor thanks to a botching an attempt at a service tax, trying to ramrod abortion regulations through the legislature, going after 2 Live Crew, and committing other political missteps. 

Well, there's another Bob Martinez who's apparently being considered: former U.S. Attorney Bob Martinez. Naked Politics says he -- along with the gov's former chief of staff, George LeMieux -- is now at the top of Charlie Crist's list. 

Martinez is a Cuban-American who's a partner at a Coral Gables law firm, and even Democrats such as Dan Gelber seem to like him. 

There's no way to know, but it would be a bit comical if in the frenzy to figure out who was in the mix, the name Bob Martinez was whispered and everyone assumed it was the former gov, while all along it was this guy. 

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