About 25,000 People a Year Move From Miami-Dade to Broward County

More people from Miami-Dade County to Broward than from any county to any other county in Florida. In fact, that county-to-county migration is the sixth highest in the entire country.

According to Census Bureau data from 2011, about 25,000 packed up their U=Haul and moved from the 305 to BroCo. Why would you do that to yourselves, people?

The only higher migrations flows in the country are found in and out of Los Angeles County and surrounding more suburban counties.

Granted, more than 11,000 Broward County folk made the move south to Miami-Dade in 2011, so the net migration gain for Broward is only about 13,000.

But isn't moving to Broward from Miami sort of like Karl Lagerfeld's view of sweatpants. To paraphrase, "Moving to Broward County is a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought a home in Miramar."

Or maybe the migration can be explained my Miami-Dade's continued out-of-control development that pushes working-class folk and families farther and farther from the urban core every year, and people figure if they're going to spend hours in highway traffic after work they might as well live in Broward's suburbs. Hell, truth be told we'd rather live in Pembroke Pines than Kendall.

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