A Kimbo Slice Movie? Some Bro From Entourage Wants to Direct It

Miami's favorite backyard brawler Kimbo Slice never quite made it in the professional MMA ranks, but he could become a hit in theaters. Kevin Connolly, who plays Bro #2 (or #3 maybe) on HBO's bro-tastic Entourage is planning on producing and directing a Slice biopic after the final season of his show wraps.

"Kimbo Slice is known as one of the first YouTube celebrities," Connolly tells The Wrap. "He was the first person I ever sat in front of a computer and typed somebody's name into YouTube. His fights ended up on the internet, his backyard fights, and he all of the sudden... became this celebrity."

Connolly says he's already wrapped up the rights to Slice's life, and a script with Slice's input has already been completed. At this point, it seems he's just waiting for funding.

If you're wondering, yes, Connolly wants Slice to play himself in the film. Too bad. We really would have liked to have seen Meryl Streep take the role.

The film would apparently follow his entire life, including his time spent as a porn company bodyguard, living in his car, backyard fighting career, and apparently even his big flop in the pros. Not exactly a movie with the most thrilling ending.

Connolly is more known for his acting abilities, but has directed television episodes before and helmed the 2007 indie film Gardener of Eden.

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Kyle Munzenrieder