29-Year-Old Stadium Now Known as New Miami Stadium

The stadium christened as Joe Robbie 29 years ago officially has its seventh name. After the Sun Life naming rights expired last month, owner Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins decided not to return to the most recent generic moniker, Dolphin Stadium, and have instead chosen a new name — emphasis on the "new." 

Until another corporate sponsor is found, the stadium will be known as New Miami Stadium.

This despite that the venue is far from new. 

Never mind either that until yesterday if you said the phrase "New Miami Stadium" to someone, they might assume you were talking about the actual new stadium in Miami that David Beckham plans to build for his Major League Soccer team

No official announcement was made about the temporary name. NewMiamiStadium.com went live, and the name was changed on Wikipedia

However, last August, Barry Jackson reported the Dolphins planned to rebrand the venue as a new stadium, and apparently they've done so literally. 
To be fair to Ross, the stadium is undergoing a $400 million rejuvenation. The renovations include new aqua seating, new concession stands, and upgraded VIP boxes. 

The project was a result of the NFL bluntly signaling that Miami would not be home to any more Super Bowls unless major upgrades were made to the stadium. 

But renovations, however major, don't exactly make a stadium new. From a PR perspective, it kinda makes sense. Sending out the signal that the stadium is basically new again may also help efforts to find another naming sponsor. 

Plus, who are we to complain? This publication is also 29 years old and still calls itself Miami New Times. Actually, we probably wouldn't be complaining at all if they went with "Miami New Stadium" instead.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.