YesJulz Launches Her Own Station on Dash Radio

Julieanna “YesJulz” Goddard’s hustle as Miami’s premier party host and Snapchat queen is taking a turn into a new medium: radio. In between flying around the country and throwing her infamous “1AM Vibes" party, the reigning It girl is busy building her brand-new radio station on DJ Skee’s Dash Radio. Appropriately, it's called 1AM Radio, and it debuted online August 2.      

“I’m so excited,” Goddard said as she waited at the airport, something she does an awful lot these days. “This is something I can build with my friends, so it’s not just a ‘YesJulz’ thing but an ‘us’ thing. It’s a station for us, by us... It's music we want to hear. There’s no politics or whack song on there because somebody got a check for it. We are the gatekeepers. We’re controlling it.”                                    

L.A.-based radio personality Scott Keeney, AKA DJ Skee, recognized Goddard’s potential and decided a one-hour time slot wasn’t enough for her. 1AM Radio will consist of various blocks of original content including her own podcast, Never Not Working, and booming sets mixed by her choice of eclectic DJs. Fans can tune in to hear other close friends and associates like ILoveMakkonen, who will be hosting “Monday Mornings With Makkonen,” and Miami natives like Norma Now, Silent Addy of Eccentrix Sound, Ashley Outrageous, and Cristina Jerome, who will all have shows on the station.             

The station aims to break fresh records from many of Goddard’s friends, who happen to be indie artists like IAMSU!, Lil Yachty, and more. Julz is excited to go from telling DJs what to play at her 1AM Vibes parties to commanding her own exclusive playlists from artists of all genres.            

Although Dash Radio headquarters is in L.A., Julz and her contributors will be able to spew dope content for the new audio channel from around the globe. With Miami as her home base, she aims to make the station fit her glowing persona as the connected, jet-setting professional.

“Dash radio is for people just like me — music lovers who are on the go” Julz said. “It couldn't be a more perfect union."
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Tony M. Centeno
Contact: Tony M. Centeno