Video: Young Jeezy Films Music Video on South Beach

Crack dealers and suburban gangsters all over America are waiting to buy, download and ringtone Young Jeezy’s third studio album The Recession as soon as it drops. Last week he was on South Beach filming the video for one of the singles, “Vacation,” featuring Trey Songz. My homie Fresh Da Barber got hired to cut Jeezy up so he let me know where the shoot was and I slid over and met him on the sand where they were filming.

An afternoon thunderstorm hit, the crew got a break, and I got a hot plate from the catering van. The shoot picked back up at 15th and Ocean Drive for a club scene. I didn’t write down the name of the venue, and now I can’t find it on the internet. Hey, giant, multi-million dollar club where Ocean Drive dead ends on South Beach, step up your damn web presence, you can afford it.

Back to the video: it was directed by Gil Green for 305 Films, was well lit, full of beautiful models, and shot efficiently by a professional crew (one time for Unique Lighting and Grip). Check out this sneak preview. See the rest of them at youtube.com/miaminewtimes and subscribe to our channel, we update all the time. Enjoy!

-- Jacob Katel

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