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Trina Fights Robots, Flying Uterus in "En Plein Air: Diamond Princess" at PAMM

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Have you ever seen Trina, the Diamond Princess, flying around on rainbow-colored robots, kicking at nothing with giant metal vices stuck on her feet, weaving in and out of view from behind a giant flying uterus?

Of course not — unless you were at Pérez Art Museum Miami last night for the bizarre presentation of video artist Jacolby Satterwhite’s latest piece, "En Plein Air: Diamond Princess,” starring Da Baddest Bitch herself. 

It was all part of PAMM’s Waves series, for which the institution brings visual artists together with musicians to create one-of-a-kind multi-media experiences. Still, we’ve got to say, our favorite part was when Trina hit the stage to do her rap thing. And we don’t think we were alone.
Miami’s hippest art scenesters came dressed in their provocative best to party with Trina and contemplate Satterwhite’s experimental video work.

People gathered on PAMM's stone steps, facing a projection and performance area that had been erected just in front of Biscayne Bay, sipping cocktails and waiting for the start of the show. But soon, the first flashes of "En Plein Air: Diamond Princess” flickered across the screen and everyone flocked toward the stage. 

Satterwhite’s video is difficult to describe. He took his mother’s drawings of armor, weaponry, and architecture, then rendered them as 3D digital images, which he used to create a trippy moving-image collage, along with pictures of Trina kicking and shouting and generally looking like a woman scorned. During the screening, he stood at the side of the stage while Miami producer Total Freedom dropped beats and lyrical snippets from Trina songs, letting us know she was “doing this for my bitches.”
After about ten or 15 minutes, the video dissolved into a series of Trina music video clips, and someone announced that the Diamond Princess was about to hit the stage.

Trina stepped out in a black, shimmering gown, instead of her “En Plein Air” body armor. And everyone cheered as she greeted the crowd with “That’s My Attitude,” then worked through “Da Baddest Bitch” and “Pull Over.” She thanked the people of PAMM and Jacolby Satterwhite for putting it all together, then gave the crowd a nice full feature of “Here We Go.”
Having taken place in an art-museum setting, the set wasn’t what we imagine a true Trina concert to be like. Many of the songs were shortened, though people happily sang along. For “Single Again,” fans took turns singing into the mic when Trina offered it during the chorus. But damn, we wish there would have been more Trina and less crowd sing-along on “Naan.”

She dropped part of “Don’t Trip” and “Told Y’all” before killing it with “Red Bottoms.” Then she told us to “Look Back at Me” and finished the night with some Diamond Princess words of wisdom.
“There’s two things with love, it’s either with you or it’s against you,” Trina said. “If it’s with you, run with it until the wheels fall off. But if it’s against you, you’ve gotta say, ‘Fuck Love.’”

She closed out with her latest single from her upcoming, untitled sixth album, thanking PAMM, Jacolby, and “most importantly” the crowd before the music faded out.

It was all over too soon. But we assume a Diamond Princess must have lots of important work to do and flying uteruses to get under control. We’re not sure if Trina will be conquering the art world, though we’re pretty sure she could if she put her mind to it.

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