Trick Daddy Plans an Uncensored Performance to Defend Medical Marijuana

Trick is a treat when he's uncensored.
Trick is a treat when he's uncensored. Courtesy of Slip-N-Slide Records.

Whenever Floridians see Trick Daddy's name on a playbill or flyer, they run to the stage. Jamming out to Trick's classic songs and hearing what he has to say is an undeniable benefit of life in the 305. And within the past year, Trick Daddy Dollars has had a lot to say. He's gotten used to being a trending topic every time he speaks, whether it's on social media or on the airwaves. And this weekend, he'll take his uncensored thoughts on the legalization of marijuana to the stage for the 19th-annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at the Wynwood Yard.

"I have to do all that I can do, because ain't much else that I can do," Trick says about performing at the benefit concert. "I have to participate with no strings attached. I don't need no thank-yous or plaques. I don't have to be recognized for it."

Trick's status as a felon prevented him from voting for Amendment 2 in last November's election. Although medical marijuana as been legal since this past January 3, Ploppy Palace Productions, NORML of Florida, and Modern Galaxy TV will host their yearly event in order to address current issues such as access and free-market availability to Floridians. Trick says he's more than excited to defend the legal status of medical marijuana in his city.

"I have lupus, so I suffer from bone aches and migraines," Trick explains. "A lot of the times, I can't hold food down for long, and I get real tired, weary, and sleepy almost instantaneously. So I just can't wait to get my weed card. I don't think weed should've ever been illegal. But you know they just figured out a way to make money off the taxes."

"I don't think weed should've ever been illegal. They just figured out a way to make money off the taxes."

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The Slip-N-Slide veteran will share the stage with a plethora of eclectic artists, including Grind Mode, DJ GQ, Telekinetic Walrus, Tamboka, Nag Champayons, and Rhythm Flo; opener Fusik will kick things off right at 4:20 p.m. Along with offering a handful of guest speakers, the event will host live performances by spoken-word poets Elviza, Melody Gedeon, Jason Williams, and others. The Wynwood Yard will also be filled with live art from artists such as Anibal Fernandez and vendors supporting the cause like the Wallflower Gallery, Nug Brand, and Brickell Smoke Shop.

Aside from defending the rights of medical marijuana, Trick Daddy has discovered another platform for voicing his unfiltered thoughts online. Recently, he announced the launch of his podcast, Famous & Uncensored, with his cohost Supa Cindy of 99 JAMZ. According to the trailer that dropped earlier this month, Trick will speak his mind with famous figures from the worlds of music and sports, including rapper Jim Jones, Lil Scrappy, and former Miami Dolphins player Bryant McKinnie.

"I'm a news fanatic, and I stay in touch with what's going on in the inner cities as well as other places," Trick says. "I found out that this podcast shit is poppin', so I said, 'OK, I'm going to do a podcast.' I don't have to be censored, and I can bring on guests I think are interesting."

19th-Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert
With Trick Daddy, Grind Mode, Telekinetic Walrus, Nag Champayons, and others. Presented by Ploppy Palace Productions, NORML of Florida, and Modern Galaxy TV. 4:20 p.m. Saturday, March 18, at the Wynwood Yard, 56 NW 29th St., Miami. Tickets cost $15 to $25 via

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